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Hi Colleagues, our Tenants are having problem with noisy neighbours in the flat above.

Last night - Arguing & shouting 1am - 5am - Police finally attended to this disturbance.
This is not the first time i believe noise reported, i have just been made aware of the problem this evening.

Our tenants have moved bed around in their bedroom, hence i assume this is not going away soon unless someone takes appropriate action.

What powers do the Block Management co. have ?
Can they resolve this issue - I assume they would speak with the landlord
( also maybe Tenant ? )

IF my tenants are noisy they are asked to rectify the problem OR face the consequences - i would threaten eviction IF needed as a last resort BUT this is how it should be - let your neighbours live in peace & quiet OR asap you will be leaving.

I will speak first thing Monday with Management co. and request a quick resolution.
Our Tenants i have asked to record all dates / times of any further disturbance - not sure if Management co can resolve asap OR do i get the Council involved for possible ASB order.

Yes, i am looking for a quick resolution if possible OR some real leverage to minimise the problem.


26/01/2018 21:57

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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