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My rental includes an integrated dishwasher. I have a clause in my contract that says tenant should maintain white goods in accordance with the information given in the house folder (this has booklets on all appliances).
At recent meeting to extend tenancy I emphasised the need to maintain the salt level putting salt in the dishwasher regularly, as I had had breakdowns where this was not done (with another machine, which lasted 20 years). Shortly after I did a 3 month check and found said salt level v low (probably never topped up from beginning of tenancy 6 months prior; instruction manual says check every 6 weeks).
I wrote in inspection report it needed topping up. About 10 days later tenant contacted me to say machine broken down. I asked if she had looked in manual she said not: I called to look at the machine - now salt and a cleaner!... but seems motor not working. Its less than 5 years old and had infrequent use until their tenancy.
I know I have to get repaired / replaced but my question is:
Can I hold them liable in any way as they had not maintained it as per agreement?
(Of course no-one could prove the cause I think, not even an engineer )
Would you think I should replace with cheap model rather than repair? I have no confidence in this machine, having it break down with only 6 months intensive use - but out of warranty as 4 years old.

30/01/2018 13:43

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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