Anyone in M/cr area had Rat problem; can recommend a firm that deals with infestation

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Hi Colleagues. Landlord friend of mine in a mess with a tnt who claims 'rat infestation' in the loft of a family let in M3. Council alerted immediately who found NOT a sign.
Tnt continuously complains of hearing scratching in the upper rooms & seems to have become paranoid [again]. He claims Council are incompetent at surveying the problem. This is a difficult person to deal with, he knows his rights, yet not accepting any responsibility/liability for any of the issues he's raised very frequently in the past two years.

He's very quick to point the finger at the landlord, knowing that he lives a distance from the property. Agents have given this tnt a wide berth due to his chronic cussedness. Simple maintenance work is so difficult to arrange..i.e Gas Cert work for example, quickly followed by a complaint the Gas Cert is about to expire. Very frustrating tnt who has motives that are very suspicious. LL would love to serve S21, yet is reminded all to often about 'retaliatary eviction'. I feel there is always some ongoing complaint with this guy then he quite rightly instantly refers to the above. The latest issue being the the ghost 'rat infestation'.

I've suggested a full-scale independent Survey of the property & those findings are immediately actioned [if necessary] & findings presented to the tnt to perhaps steal his thunder on this occasion.
The tnt pays rent on the dot, the LL feels harrassed/blackmailed by issues seemingly invented by the tnt...who then won't agree to 'be in' to meet with tradespeople on the day he's arranged. The issue before the infestation complaint needed a plumber to immediately emergency plumber was immediately dispatched. The tnt would'nt admit the plumber, who had to return to the address twice...then just gave up. The trap was sprung of course because then the tnt immediately complained that the 'leak' hadn't been fixed. An odd person indeed; with worrying ulterior/covert motives. This LL is one 'of us' good guys, being played in a cat & mouse game.
So just asking if anyone has used an effective & competent firm in Grter Manchester area who know their onions?

30/01/2018 19:35

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