Tenant's partner moved in without permission.

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My tenant has an RLA tenancy agreement and as per clause A4 'We will let the property to you'... etc it only stipulates that she and her children can live there. However, she has let her partner stay there without my permission and I don't want him there and this was agreed before she took up the tenancy as he takes drugs and is a liability. He once visited her but stole the rent money she had to pay me although she settled this at a later date. As he is living there without my permission and as I have not done a 'Right to rent' check on him, how do I stand with this both legally? Ideally I don't want him there. He has messed with the gas boiler costing me £138 to get fixed. I just want him out. I have read other parts of the forum and advice from the Landlord Advice Team is "1. You cannot prevent them moving the partner in. If you try, you will be breaching their Human Right to a family life." (This response 20/03/2011 may be out of date).

  1. Tenant has signed RLA agreement so only she and children can live there.
  2. Her partner has moved in without my permission
  3. I have not done a 'Right to rent' check which is required by law!!

What are my rights? Can I request and do I have a right to ask him to leave? What if he won't? Do I have grounds to evict tenant for breach of contract?

The tenant has two children living with her and he is the father of one of them.


31/01/2018 17:40

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