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To HMO or NOT to HMO

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Hi. Ive owned for one year now a three story Victorian house set in a somewhat socially deprived downtown area. It is converted into seven individual flats and although two are small each has its own bathroom of shower, sink and toilet. Plus a cooking facility. I live in one flat and the others are rented on AST's.

I had big ideas when I set out to manage the place compassionately for folks who need a chance in life, to work with any recovery service etc etc. The reality is that I have been beset with intermittent tenant antisocial behaviours that has seen significant damage resulting from heavy-handedness to wanton vandalism. However the major concern relates to the consequences of resulting necessary evictions, eg drug dealing etc.

The counsel have hammered me for resulting CT's ie for flats eg extensively damaged by vandalism-induced ceiling collapses that took extended time to correct. The council tell me that to convert to HMO status and avoid such costs I will have to surrender a flat to being a communal area.

The final part in the puzzle is the sheer pressure this currently places on me to fill the empty flat whereas I am more interested to find the tenant who is most likely to fit into our little community. It was this pressure that resulted in the risky decisions on applicants that turned out so disasterously.

SO, to HMO or NOT to HMO. That is the question.

02/02/2018 08:36

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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