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Right to rent wrong?

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nicest landlord
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RLA is stepping up its campaign against right to rent.

Usually I support their campaigns but not this one.

Ilegal immigration and bogus refugees are a significant problem in this country. Along with employers we landlords have an important role in holding the tide back.

The fear of prosecution of good landlords is unfounded. How many landlords have been fined because they have innocently failed to spot fake documents? As I understand it the fines have gone to those who have failed to do any checks at all.

Where is the great scandal in British landlords prefering tenants with British passports they are familiar with? Show me the country in this world where local landlords will not have a statistical preference for dealing with their own nationality.

If we want immigration control (and most British people do want it) then landlords must play their part.

I say RLA drop the campaign and accept that Right to Rent is along the right lines. Tweak it and improve it but do not let it go...

02/02/2018 09:59

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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