can one discover why Bailiffs attend a property, or that a CCJ has been awarded?

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This evening I took a phone call from a very worried tenant .. who shares an HMO with 3 others on a joint & several AST.She's discovered that a fellow tenant is following a 'staggered rent payment schedule' in line with her new payroll arrangements[so I was told].
By way of indiscreet networking, this tenant heard that her house-mate was quaking in her boots because she was expecting a visit from the Bailiffs.
Today this happened, saleable items were removed... so now this tenant is very worried about the 'house' TV's, dryer,beer fridge, laptops, etc. I explained to find receipts for such as a precaution if more Bailiffs are in the offing.That soothed her ruffled feathers yet now I'm anxious about the solvency of this tnt & the veracity of the story she fed to me regarding the reasons behind the stuttering rent.Does anyone know if the Courts publish the Bailiff 'visitations'.

I'd like more info before making a decision about the future of a very cooperative, long- term tnt. Am I being 'paid' to merely keep a roof over the tnts head. This person could however easily disappear, leaving her alleged debts behind her. She's obviously hit a rough patch, yet I must protect the other, equally excellent tnts as far as I can.
Thanks in advance for help or guidance.

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02/02/2018 21:12

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