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shortfall on rent !

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My property isn't in excellent location. Was strugglling to get tenant , so i gave tenancy to housing benefit claimer , year and half or so ago, till now all was ok, he is slightly demanding and very short tempered. The original contract was for 6 months. no new contract signed. I have had his mother as a guarantor, but i suppose as agreement is finished, she is no longer a guarantor.
I have had two months worth of rent (minus £5) as a deposit. last month rent increased with section 13 notice. First he refused for increase, at the end he said ok, month pass by , and he paid the rent , but old rent, when i phoned he was ignoring calls , but at the end he said give me extra time, i gave him the time he asked for, but it still not paid, now in a week's time new rent is due, i rang him today, first he was giving me sad story and then when i said have you amend the standing order for the coming month? he said he was going to call as he can't gather all the money. In response i said I have outgoings too, and then started fand all... and cut my phone call. i tried again but he didnt pick up.

how to deal with this prat ? i don't want to give him impression that he can pay the rent when he feel like it.
i can now consider to sell it , what is the best approach?
i believe as he is a benefit claimant, he would want to be in good book with council so he will pay my rent up until eviction?
does it make sense to tell him, here is section 21 notice, the day if you dont pay rent , we will use it at court, and if you pay, then we may not need to use it?


09/02/2018 14:28

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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