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Who is responsible for these repairs when a tenant leaves

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A tenant is leaving. They have lived there since 10/3/14.
When they moved in the full house had had a complete renovation top to bottom - everything was brand new and completely decorated.

The AST does state that it has to be handed back in the same condition minus wear and tear.
They had previously asked if they could decorate and I had said no to carpets and wallpaper, or if they did it would have to be reinstated.

The AST states that they are not to decorate, build on or alter the property.

Id just like to clarify these issues and which people would class as wear and tear, or which you would insist is put back or the cost removed from the deposit.

Could you comment on the points below with your views?

  1. Laminate flooring in the living room.

The lamainate flooring has all lifted and split at the joints all around the entrance and the walk way through to the kitchen. This is the same laminate I have in other properties and it hasnt caused any problems.
Id assume this is my responsibility as wear and tear and replacement would be my cost.
  1. Vinyl floor in the kitchen.

This was a brand new vinyl floor. The tenant has stuck sticky vinly tiles over the top and done a bad job. They are uneven, peeling up and it definitely needs replacing. They didnt ask if they could put their own floor down.
Id assume everyone would agree that this should be the tenants responsibility to replace or cost taken out of the deposit.
  1. Wallpaper in the living room on the fireplace.

The tenant has wallpapered the living room.
The house what all white everywhere.
I will be insisting on removal of wallpaper and handed back in the same condition.
  1. Light fittings:

They have left their own light fittings. Ive said original standard pendant drops need reinstating.
  1. Stairs carpet:

This has been replaced without asking however the quality is good and better than what was orignally installed and so I have said this is okay.
  1. Bedroom 1:

Grubby marks all over the wall where the bed was. The tenant has said they have tried to scrub it but its not come off.
Is this classed as general wear and tear for the age of the property, or should it be redecorated to how they received it.
  1. Bedroom 2:

as above but not as bad.
  1. Bedroom 3:

There was a baby wallpaper border installed by the tenant. The tenant removed it while I was there for the inspection and it pulled the paint off the wall.
This will need decorating by the tenant.
  1. Paint on floors:

some of the laminate flooring and vinyl has paint on the floor where the tenant has painted. I said this needs to be removed.

10: Curtains and poles:
The tenant has installed curtain poles and curtains badly.
These will need removing and holes filling.

  1. Wall in the kitchen.

They have painted an accent wall in the kitchen magnolia.
This will need putting back by the tenant.
  1. General painting / decorating.

Is it expected to be handed back fully re recorated so its all new as when it was handed over?
  1. Cleaning.

Its is in the AST it must be professionally cleaned. The tenant said they had cleaned it but it was not clean. They have agreed to pay our cleaner.
12/02/2018 10:56

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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