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I have a house in Hull and rent a self-contained basement flat. It was flooded today with about 8 inches of water throughout.

My tenant was able to move most of his possessions into my house and I have paid for him to stay in B&B for the night.

In order to minimise flooding and damage, I called a local buidling company who came along with sandbags, a pump etc and worked all day to try and minimise the flooding. The water started to subside at around 8 pm and the builders finally left at around 10pm after sucking up just about all the water from inside.

I would be pleased if you could give guidance re' the following points and any other advice you think appropriate.

1. My tenant was issued with the latest RLA tenancy agreement. What are my responsibillities to him in terms of helping with alternative accomodation until the flat can be occuped again as this could run into weeks?

2. I have a 'Rent Guard' insurance policy underwritten by AXA that I took out independantly of the RLA. I rang the insurers and asked what to do at the start of the flood - particularly in regard to looking after the tenant whilst the flat was put straight. They said that a calim in this area would depend on the terms of the tenancy agreement. Can you please advise?

3. In regard to other elements of the insurance claim, 'Rent Guard' have sent me a claim form and simply told me to submit it two quotes. Do you have any advice in persuing this claim as there are so many aspects, from damaged curtains to the cost of cleaning, drying the place out, loss of rent, ruined carpets, probable small/medium scale buiding and carpentry renovation. I'm also assuming that I can claim for the help from the buidlers today. Someone said that I should insist on a Loss Adjuster visiting.

Very many thanks for your help and advice regarding this matter.

Antony Hatfield

26/06/2007 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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