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My tenant has 2 cats which she leaves alone in the flat for up to 3-4 days at a time. Our caretaker lives in the building and is able to monitor this. She is 18 yr old, has not fully furnished or moved into the flat and it appears that she doesn't intend to as she stays with friends in a different town most of the time. She has put an old mattress on the floor in an attempt to make it look like she sleeps there, she has also installed a washing machine. She is using the flat as a cattery, a laundry and somewhere to shower. I have had to let myself in on several occasions to feed and water the cats as they are clearly distressed and hungry and attempt to feed themselves from the box of cat sachets left lying around, leaving cat sachets chewed to bits and strewn all around the flat. The litter trays are always overflowing with mess and they have soiled the carpets throughout and the flat stinks.
My question is:

  1. Am I able to let myself into the flat to feed the animals when necessary, and
  2. What is the amount of time that is considered unreasonable for my tenant to leave the animals on their own.

My Pet Addendum states ' Not to leave the pet unattended for any unreasonable period'
I am considering turning the pets over to the local policing authorities and have warned the tenant.

17/02/2018 17:39

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