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Hi All,
I wonder if anyone can give me some advice please?

I have an HMO that my then manager (who now works for the charity & no longer manages my propertys) agreed to allow tenants to move in using an AST that has been issued by the charity - I have no agreement with the charity directly & the tenants are young adults on benefits.
The charity gets additional payment from the local authority to work with the young adults on a 12 month programme.

There are arrears but not in excess of 2 months.
The tenants are individuals that have a varying degree of issues from drug & alcohol abuse & some having mental health issues.
Whilst they have the support of the charity I am happy to let them remain but when they finish the 12 month programme, so too does their tenancy - however the charity has said they cannot issue a section 21 to the individuals - due to a change in legislation regarding authority supported individuals - I have no idea what this is?

Their tenancy agreements are for 12 months.

My query is, can I serve a section 21 notice to the tenants 2 months before the end of their tenancy agreement for them to vacate at the end of their tenancy although I haven't issued the tenancy agreements & my name is not on them - I am the owner and landlord of the house?

Thank you

22/02/2018 16:31

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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