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Trouble with rodents

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I have a maisonette, rented to students, which is in a block of mostly housing association properties. Mine is in the middle, ie. it has a flat below, to the side and one above. I have had the property for about 6 years, with no problem.

The council has recently undertaken major renovation works to the block - re-roofing, works to the body of the building etc, and since then the students have had a problem with rats in the kitchen - they have videos of the animals. Pest control have laid a trap but not captured anything. I have approached the council, with the argument that the rats cannot enter my property without going through adjacent flats, or communal areas, but they tell me it is my problem to block up the holes to prevent the rats entering.

Unfortunately, this will require kitchen units to be removed to gain access to where the holes might be. So far I have not found a handyman prepared to take this on, as the units will likely be destroyed in the process, neither has my agent. I am left with the prospect of doing this myself. Obviously, this will be very disruptive to the tenants - does anyone know my position in this regard? If it takes a few days am I obliged to rehouse them for that period?

Has anyone else had this type of problem? What did you do?

With many thanks in advance.


23/02/2018 07:45

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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