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Looking for advice please.
We have tenants who have split up. The wife wants to take over the tenancy which is currently in joint names. I am aware we need to draw up a new agreement, end the tenancy deposit scheme and reprotect in her name only, with new tenancy date.
One complication is that we cannot get hold of the husband to confirm he is happy to end his tenancy - apart from one message to us saying he wanted to speak to us (no indication about what) - he is not answering his phone or responding to messages. The wife says he has gone back to his home country (Poland I believe). A bit concerned he may turn up in three weeks time and not be happy about what we have done, but we don't want to leave remaining tenant in limbo (especially as she is in receipt of benefits I assume).
Advice please on what to do about the husband? Tenancy is 6 months AST, been in place for several years with no issue.

24/02/2018 11:13

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