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In August 2015 I paid £654 to Brighton & Hove City Council for a 5 year Additional Licence, incidentally the fee had been increased only the week before. When the licence was issued on 27 January 2016, I saw that it expired on 4 November 2017, a mere 27 months after my payment. I sent an email requesting they look into the matter, stating that 'I would anticipate either a proportionate reduction in the fee or an extension to the expiry date to make this a fair process.' This has yet to be satisfactorily resolved despite my sustained efforts. I am now informed that I will need to renew my licence at a fee of £430 by 1 March 2018 despite the property having last been inspected in May 2017. Can this be a fair process or is it a council cash-cow? Are there any other landlords out there who have found themselves in a similar situation?

27/02/2018 14:07

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