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I have run into a number of problems with Peterborough City Council I applied on line as requested by them and completed the long long questionnaire and supplied all the attachments requested over a year ago, then only recently, indeed one year after applying I had an email from the council claiming my application on two of the properties was incomplete and requesting re submission. Not only that but when I sought help with a problem neighbour they firstly did not reply, and then after many follow ups they phoned to thank me for calling but could not help. Now at next renewal they inform me the fee will increase from £50.00 per house to £600.00 . It seems to me this is just a fund raising exercise with , if my experience is anything to go by no Landlord support whatsoever. I am thinking of complaining but to who, the City Council will not respond what about the Local MP and how perhaps should I frame my letter

28/02/2018 15:08

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