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It is very annoying when neighbouring tenants create noise, whether shouting, banging, slamming of doors, dogs barking, etc. Excessive noise contravenes the Environmental Protection Act, but you are limited as to what you can do about it. As Landlord, you will probably be the first port of call for the suffering neighbour to make their complaints. However, unless the tenants are damaging the property or causing the landlord problems, the most the landlord is likely to do is go round and speak to the tenants it is unlikely he will evict them. The landlord cannot normally be held responsible for the actions of his tenants. In the case of noisy neighbouring tenants, the complainant should approach the police and local authority (environmental health department). Unless their behaviour is disruptive, the police are unlikely to do anything. If a complaint is lodged with the Local Authority, the complainant is asked to monitor (keep a log) the noise over a period of possibly up to two months, detailing dates, times and type of noise. This log is then looked at by the Local Authority who then decide if further action needs to be taken. The next step would be for them to use special equipment to monitor the noise, the level of which would be determined by the expertise of the officer. If the noise was deemed to be a problem, the authority would serve notice on the tenants there is a right of appeal to this notice. Noise nuisance is not an easy matter to which there are not necessarily any definite solutions.
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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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