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Hi All

I have served a S21 on 1st Jan 2018 as I need the property back. The tenancy started on 1st Sept 2017 so I had to wait till 1st Jan before I could serve a s21. Circumstances are unfortunate for both the tenants and myself but I need the property back so I can live there with my children. The tenant is aware that the council will support him as he does not own a property of his own. He is up to date with rent.

My question is that if the the s21 was hand delivered and accepted by tenant on 1st Jan (This was the earliest it could be served due to 4 month wait time after a tenancy is issued) then the wording on the s21 reads that the tenant needs to vacate the property after 1st March. As the wording is "after" 1st March, then does this s21 stand up in court?

s21 issues 1/1/18
tenant is required to leave after 1/3/18

Your advice is much appreciated?


01/03/2018 17:46

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