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Tenant signed up for 12 month AST from 29/9/17 to 28/9/18 - currently 1 month in arrears. Has moved to a new flat for 'health reasons' and has said will not pay any more rent and if I want any more rent I should take her to court. Keys have been left in the flat. Got some RLA advice today that I should get to sign a letter with the meter readings and that I was taking possession of the keys to facilitate viewings. The tenant would not sign anything and said she could not afford 2 rents and invited me again to take her to court. Deposit of 1 months rent registered with Letting Agent who is now in process of recovering for 'rent arrears'. Have re-marketed flat and said if we find a new tenant then they will take over her responsibility for rent and bills but she just keeps telling me to take her to court and she won't be paying another penny. I guess I need to write to her as I have a forwarding address but what should I say in the letter?

01/03/2018 18:20

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