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I am shortly starting a new tenancy and intending to use the AST DepositGuard document from this site.
I would like to be able to set up the tenancy - which will be starting on about the 15th of March - so that the tenant pays a pro-rata sum for the remainder of the calendar month, and then the full months rent from the 1st of April. My aim is to gradually bring all tenants from various properties in to line so that all pay on the same day reducing (I hope) the need to check on rent payments received.
I cannot see anywhere on the current document where I could add wording to that effect.

Could you please advise:-
1/ Is this possible, and if so where on the document could I add this?
2/ Would an addendum cover this situation? If this route is preferred what wording would be required?
3/ If the date change takes place, would the six months minimum AST run (in this example) to 14th September or 1st October for the purpose of the periodic AST commencing?

Many thanks for your assistance.

04/03/2018 13:09

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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