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Dear All

I have a number of properties of my own and I also manage a number of properties for a few other landlords, (on a small scale) something I have been doing for a long time alongside my day job. I look after the properties on the various owners behalf's etc and provide a monthly statement showing the rent collected, minus any expenses and a percentage fee for management.

Until now i have never used any software packages as i thought i was too small justify the fees of such software packages, i have done everything manually using excel spreadsheets, word and email, etc.

Due to time constrains, and efficency I am now interested in using a software package and wondered if anyone on here is using anything and if so is it something you would recommend and what are the costs?

I have just seen something called Arthur, the costs look reasonable.. has anyone used that? there is also a package called landlord vision which apparently is RLA recommended, but i am not sure if it offers a property manager facility which will create landlord statements, or if it is purely for landlords to look after their own property.

Thanks for your advice/suggestions.


04/03/2018 21:02

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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