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I own one flat of a block of 8. We are all directors and thus landlords and leaseholders. One of the other flats has dry rot that has taken over much of her flat. In relation to our contract, the outer is the landlords and inside from plaster in the individuals. However, some might say that dry rot is structural and I am keen to understand what we all need to pay for and what is the responsibility of the flat owner, for example if it is in her floor boards is that not hers and the person below and thus not the landlords expense. Some clarification would be helpful. we have agreed that the window is her responsibility and the external wall structure the landlords so far. Also it appears that this has probably been there awhile maybe even before I purchased the flat and although I surveyed my flat I obviously did not survey hers so where do I stand?

Many thanks

05/03/2018 13:03

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