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I rent out an old house to the same tenant for about 6 years. There are a number of cracks in the walls of the house. Twice, t(e tenant has insisted that I get a surveyor in and both times the su4veyor has said that the cracks are superficial. I Would like to replaster all of the walls but this would take weeks and the property would need to be empty for the works to commence. Can I issue a section 21 for possession a5 t(e end of the current tenancy in order to get the work done or would this be viewed as one of those cases where a landlord evicts a tenant for requesting repairs ? I am happy to ask the tenant if they are prepared to ‘vacate’ a room at a time in order for the works to be completed without asking 5hem to leave but, if I ask them and they refuse, would I then have problems issuing notice to quit.? Many thanks in advance

08/03/2018 08:26

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