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Hi, Just after some advice, we used an agent to find and manage a property for us. The tenant has been living at the property since Feb 2017. The contract at the moment is running periodically, after the initial 6 month contract. We want to withdraw the agent from managing the property for us. I rang to find out the charges and was told it would cost £300 to withdraw and transfer deposit to us etc, giving one month's notice.

In the contract it states that " this contract may be terminated by the landlord after the initial six month contract by giving three months notice to the agent"

Now if I give the agent 3 months notice to withdraw from the contract, I got to take a deposit from the tenant, sign a new contract with the tenant starting from the day after the 3 month notice. What I don't get is what do the agents do on the final day of the 3 months as they will need to do the checkout and expect the tenant to move out etc. Because the reason the agent is asking for the £300 is because we re keeping the tenant.

The tenant is happy to proceed with us and the reason we want to part ways from the agent is they did not get tenant to sign a contract when the 6 month finished even though we instructed them to. And also the poor service from the agent.

Any ideas on how to proceed?

12/03/2018 19:29

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