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I am a leaseholder to a purpose build flat. I rent the flat out to tenants. The building is managed by a management company.

I have a disagreement with the company and I wanted to know what I could do.

The building has a row of about 6 letterboxes that post is delivered.

2 of the letterboxes no longer have the cover (one of them being mine)

They are functional but looks unkempt.

I have reached out to the company but they say they are responsibility of the leaseholders. They consider it part of the flat not the building.

They have sent me an extract of the lease saying

"common parts" shall mean the main structure of the building including roofs external walls and foundations and window frames and those other parts of the building and the estate not included or intended to be included by the lessor in any lease or tenancy granted by the lessor and those parts of the building which have not been or will not be specifically demised by the lessor to others?

What should I do?
What are my options?
Should I get the letter box fixed at my expense?
Push back to the management team with some legal issue?
Ask for the other leaseholders to contribute?

Thanks you for your help

14/03/2018 13:24

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