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Borrowed a computer today to get onto RLA
Cant even download anything or get any tenancy agreements
The furthest I get is a dark blue page with options, 3 with arrows, but when I press for example Forum it just flashes up for a second the forum page, sometimes just part of a page, Ive been trying for days.Phoned RLA on day 2 of rebranding explaining situation, said they were going to contact their marketing dept, I have heard nothing
My Ipad works excellently for everything else, no problems with it, but it is not compatible with the rebranding,

Anyone else got an apple IPAD they can try and see if they get the same?i have had it for 7 years, the only other problem I have had is when trying to navigate the DPS when they ask if you are a computer.

Would be great if someone can try theirs out or have you all got computers?

Frustrated Harper here on someone elses computer

14/03/2018 15:09

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