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Best way to get a long term terrible tenant out of a HMO that's on joint/several ' rolled-over' AST.

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Previous post described the on-going hassle from a professional tenant in one of my HMO's housing four unrelated people. He vindictively 'pays back' each tenant for each imaginary slight. This has resulted in fuses being removed from the washer, or the dryer, or the freezer, etc. During the recent severe weather he accused me of cancelling the HIVE programme so the CH couldn't work effectively...& telling the tnts he'd seen me in the house actually doing it. No one can even begin to separate the layers of lies. Any attempt to do so means that person is 'the next victim'. It was my turn this week. It's become sooo creepy now especially since he's involved the Council in his latest claim that I'm up to 'retaliatory evictions'. He's alleging many false-hoods & the Council have set a date for inspection of the Cat. 1 hazards that the LL has apparently ignored, for months.
I've got compelling reports & emails detailing; his sabotage of house facilities,the 3 HHSRS formal inspections per year, plus the follow-up work requested from tnts, or from myself as LL. Everything is documented up to mid Feb. The house is very-well maintained, never had a void because of the high decorative standard & the excellent top- class facilities.
So what's the issue?
I've never required a tenant to leave because of atrocious, disgusting behaviour which IS escalating & getting creepier. I can't say why that is on a public forum. Suffice to say I'm looking at my options for putting my lovely tnts out of harms way & out of their misery.
The AST has rolled-over several times because of the instances of short- term or medic contracts. Not a problem until last Nov when this insidious, perverse discord began. Now the unease, the peevish acts, the switching off of appliances, sheer meaness & appalling bathroom etiquette is all pervasive. Topped [not sure yet] by his 'fitting- up' the LL for a seemingly criminal act...that he swears he witnessed. As on other occasions, he'll no doubt produce another witness to support his 'allegations'. The tenants are medical professionals [as he is]. They recognise paranoia & did make allowances at first. My concern is to get him out of the house legally, I'm a LL not a social worker. He displays all the hallmarks of a disturbed personality.That's not my problem it's his.

I did think of S8 for un-tenant like behaviour. I've warned on this when the problems first cropped up. Several of his witnesses put him in Scotland at the time though. I'm thinking of serving 2 months notice that I'm closing down the 'periodic' AST. That's one idea. The other was as above ...but inviting the THREE sane tenants to sign a new AST at a higher rent of course.
I wouldn't lose 3 excellent tnts if I didn't get this idiot out. His behaviour is becoming so bizarre that I worry what he'll dream up next or 'frame' another for. He 'dresses' the kitchen then photographs the scenes, then screams in emails [ with pics] elf & safeti. Water spots on floor, crisp packet on floor, milk bottle not in fridge. The person has 'turned' into the tenant from hell. I want to turn him out...and protect my tnts from his forceful avenging anger. The tnts are quite prepared to ' appease this snarling dog' [ how one tnt described him], by not confronting him [ so not to be threated, nor harmed in subtle ways]. I really cant live with that because that strategy is actually escalating the problem. He thinks he's some sort of superior entity & told other tnts to tell me 'to watch out'. Delusional or not, I promise house harmony to my tenants, not Hammer Horrors.
I'd be pleased to have opinions of those colleagues who have medium HMO's on joint/several 'rolling-over' AST's. From those colleagues with experience of successfully levering a terrible tenant out of a HMO, legally. 'Get rid fast' advice is not practical when the person knows his 'legal rights' backwards, yet these past months has ignored any of his responsibilities, plus regularly sabotaging shared -facilities.
S21 not possible. S8 he will defend to the hilt. Closing down the 'roll-over' AST seems most logical. He won't want to pay a higher rent, nor accept a new AST, so may jump ship. He can do that with a months notice. He'd just vanish I'm sure. His earnings are enormous so when he was asked why he 'shared' long-term..'power'..was his reply.

I don't live in the area so travelling to undue the sabotage & smooth ruffled feathers is onerous. cctv in this situation would be fantastic.

15/03/2018 20:18

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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