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Hi All, if you missed the article in RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY INVESTOR "forget burglars, a new breed of criminals want to steal your home" March/April 2017 Page 8 "scams"
Scary read I am afraid.
Then don't forget, at no charge, you may register up to 10 properties (can include those of family and friends (no charge, you just go on LAND REGISTRY WEBSITE). Then if there is any activity at all, you are alerted by email. Took me 4 minutes to register several ! Easy

Oh other thing, does anyone believe their details are being sold on to third parties, I have narrowed it down to certain contracts I signed up to, as landlord with properties, for insurance style repairs/gas safety checks. Possibly wash machine repairs ? I can't think how so many people know my full details and properties I let out. Not via land registry I don't think, as mobile number is known.

20/03/2018 12:15

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