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I am trying to simplify tenancy related paperwork process & minimise admin time.

RLA Inventory - The RLA provided approx. 26 page document, do we really need to get the tenant to initial every page ?
Alternatively can we sign a cover page indicating ALL 26 pages of the Inventory are agreed and accepted by Tenant(s) and Landlord.
I understand the reason to usually initial every page but surely we can sign a cover page that covers the Inventory agreement or is there something I am missing ?

Many commercial contracts have several pages that a client usually signs the final page as part of the agreement.

I also have a multi-page Addendum again we normally initial every page - why not just another
Addendum cover page agreement - all signed & agreed.

If Inventory disputes or AST required for legal purposes would i be covered or do i need to initial every page ?

Note: The RLA AST - We don't initial every page.

The new RLA AST now rolls over to a CPT contractual periodic tenancy
Do you have any Addendum clauses that need updating from SPT to CPT ?

Thanks - Keep safe.

22/03/2018 17:52

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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