Will Being Joint Landlords Leave us Open to Problems?

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I'm about to embark on my first self arranged tenancy and would welcome thoughts and views about potential problems and pitfalls of being joint landlords.

I've found a tenant with OpenRent, and I'm happy with the full references, so next step is the TA. I'm concerned about whether I'm asking for trouble down the line, with my husband and I being joint LLs. Not in the sense of disputes between us, but whether it may inadvertently leave us open to technical errors and omissions, should a tenant turn rogue - i.e deposits - the DPS account is currently in my name, serving notices etc etc.

How do those of you either married or in partnerships deal with this? I'm the one who manages everything, and my husband is in the background and deals with the hands on work. Should it just be me?

23/03/2018 18:56

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