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Finally after 6mths an eviction date ( 17th April) has been set. Since its been set it would appear that things are going 'wrong' in the house ... first it was the heating which was sorted ... now its the washing machine ... all of which is obviously costing extra money .. the property concerned is my sole income so as the tenant has not paid for 6 months it means i have had no income for 6 months... i realise that i have to find the money for a new machine for them however im not sure what the time scale is for having to do so?.... can anyone advise?

could members also advise on
1. if on eviction day the tenants do not removed their property how long do they have to do so? Is that time set by the bailiffs on the day by an official document or is it something i should provide ?

  1. do the baliffs just get them out of the property or do they also pursue the debt at the same time? TIA :-)

27/03/2018 09:22

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