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Hi everyone, having sought and been given excellent advice on here i come again with a query.

My parents who rented from me on an ast passed away in 2017 and my brother who lived with them as their lodger on an excluded occupier basis refused to move out.

I took advice on these forums and having given him reasonable notice to quit and that the locks will be changed 6 weeks ago we done exactly that today the 28 March we changed the locks while he was out, no force was used and all windows were securely locked shut and the house was secured, we thought.

We have noted this evening he has broken into the property having smashed a back window to regain entry, he has no new keys to the home neither does he have a tenancy or paid any rent for the property.

Can we now class him as a squatter having complied with reasonable notice and changing the locks whilst he was out and not in the property?

Help please.

Thank you

28/03/2018 22:06

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