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Hi All,
After a bit of advice on best way to move forward with my tenants. These are the same tenants I have posted about previously, consistent late rent payers and lists of repairs every month used as excuses for withholding rent.

Back during the snowy weather the tenants informed me that the boiler had broken down (frozen pipe), he stated he wouldn’t pay rent until it was fixed. When the boiler was fixed within 24 hours he stated he’d pay half the rent and the rest when a side gate was repaired (apparently it was damaged when thieves broke into the house next doors). This was the last straw for me and so I proceeded to have a S21 issued. They haven’t paid rent since (which I knew they wouldn’t).

The S21 expires in early May, they indicated they would leave but in June for ‘financial reasons’. Yesterday I received a letter form the council listing around 4 repairs, they are not major – they will take no more than a day to complete. None of the issues have been reported to me prior to this letter. The letter also stated the tenants were unable to produce a gas safety certificate, and that I need to provide one. This is no problem, I have a current certificate and also have a form signed and dated by both tenants that they received it along with the PI, EPC, how to rent, deposit protection details etc. I also sent all the documents via email to them. The letter is not a formal notice and as it was received after the S21 was served I assume it has not impact on the S21, am I right in my thinking here?

I am trying to work out the best way forward. I will arrange for the repairs to be done in the next week or so and have emailed the council to ask that we arrange a re-inspection with myself in attendance once the repairs are complete. I don’t believe the tenants will leave by June so I guess a possession order etc. With regards to recovering rent arrears, I know this can be done through court at the same time as a possession order but I am wondering if it is better to go down the MCOL route after they have gone. Is there a particular benefit to either approach? One of the tenants earns a fair enough salary for me to recoup at least some of arrears.

These tenants are scum, but I am not as smart a landlord as I would like to be so if there are pitfalls to avoid as we move forward I would really appreciate any advice on what to look out for from those who are more experienced than myself.

Thanks in advance.

29/03/2018 12:30

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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