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eviction and washing machine

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After over 6 months of no rent my tenant( who has not been the most honest person) is due to be evicted on 17th of this month he phoned last week to say the washing machine was not working. We gave some try this and try that advice by phone. After which a it was a visit to the property was agreed then that the tenant would pay for repair of it as per contract. two days later ( Easter Saturday at 6.30pm) i received another call saying that the engineer was there and that it was not reparable ..... then the tenant put the engineer on i spoke to the engineer and asked what firm he worked for as i found it strange that an engineer was working at that time .... with this the phone was taken back from the engineer and the tenant shouted down the phone that i was out of order asking those questions ... i replies me out of order you are joking by which time the tenant has shut off his phone ( obviously it had been on speaker phone for him to know what i had been asking )
i have now ordered a new washing machine which will be delivered and fitted on the 6th of this month. i have tried phoning( once) and texting ( three times) tenant to confirm someone will be there to let them in ... i have had no reply ..... should i delay the delivery or go ahead? indeed can i delay the delivery till eviction day as at the moment i have no idea whether access will be given ?
TIA and apologies for length of post

01/04/2018 16:11

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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