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What other things should I be looking at (for a friend) beyond normal AST, EPC, DPS, right to rent, check in, all the legal stuff that I know about .. read on!

Friend of mine's daughter has moved into a flat/house (not spoken to her yet just had this third hand off the dad) .. and I am told it is 100% building site that he has conned them into signing an AST (saying others wanted it, need to sign now etc - pressure) .. they have moved in and it's unsafe, holes everywhere, drawers that won't open unless cooker door is opened etc. holes to outside world. I'm speaking with her lunch time ..

Other than all the legal stuff, and questions like "do you want to get out and how do we deliver that with the least pain" .. what other things should I be asking?

Ultimately I need to ask her is 1. If she wishes to get out 2. where she thinks she can go and 3. how do we do this such that he accepts it (assuming AST in place and correct DPS etc) ...

Just looking for some one liners on things, not war and peace. I'm pretty much ready, but always like to reach out to you guys.

thanks, Les

04/04/2018 10:08

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