Best way to get a long term terrible tenant out of a HMO that's on joint/several ' rolled-over' AST.

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Hello colleagues
Following another 48 hours of mayhem, personal abuse, bullying' YOU WILL DO as I Tell you' unquote, I decided I'd had enough. I warned that if I received more veiled threats, more hostile comments & personal insults about my intelligence/competence/integrity...then I'd consider the Protection From Harassment legislation and a S8 notice. Oh, stopped the culprit dead in his tracks.

Then came the 'i'll close down the contract by giving N2Q'. I didn't respond so next came..'I'm not paying anymore rent & take this as my N2Q'. That I did reply to accepting the N2Q which was a one terse sentence.
I'm expecting mayhem of one sort or another. This person isn't cured of his madness which will escalate as soon as he can plot more aggravation, more devious tricks.
I suspect this is a mere ploy to draw me into 'asking permission for veiwings' can do; type of thing. Or on the final day to Not vacate!

I've advised the other tnts in this HMO [ J/S AST] of this N2Q & the consequences [ AST closing down]. They haven't stopped celebrating yet, despite my warnings of a possible vindictive man-trap. They now know that a new AST can't be offered until the vile cuckoo leaves the nest. They trust me well enough to follow through with the correct paperwork, the question today folks is what have colleagues done when a tnt tendering N2Q then on the day, refuses to move out
Having read the N5 form that seems to aggrivate the situation. I'm writing today to the cuckoo enclosing a copy of the emailed N2Q to formally clarify the situation & to protect myself yet another claim of 'being delusional' & imagining the N2Q. Recorded delivery of course.
The way this guy twists 'happenings' to represent something else is uncanny & unsettling.Me telling the other tnts that a tnt had given N2Q in a months time [ says this in AST] was an invasion of his privacy & demeaning him in the eyes of other tenants upset him to the extent he couldn't work.

I was tempted to say that finding/bagging- up his instruments of pleasure smeared with poo was an invasion of his privacy & certainly demeaned him in the eyes of others. Plus his sabotage of the kitchen equipment, making freezer foods spoil, smoking indoors & ignoring polite requests to go outside to the designated area... did more damage to his reputation than I ever could. I refrained so to avoid the trap he'd set for me. Anyway he's complaining about me [again].
So anyone out there with the experience of a tnt refusing to leave when the N2Q expires? The N5 form seems another drawn out process biased toward the tnt. The rule of law must be upheld I suppose...why always in the tnts favour?

05/04/2018 14:44

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