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Hi everyone,

I have had a tenant move out of a flat last Friday, everything appeared to be fine. Usual wear and tear. One damaged rug.

I let him know that he would get his deposit back (less the rug) when I had proof of all outstanding utility bills had been paid, in 2 weeks. This was fine with him.

Friday I had a cold, no sense of smell !

That has now cleared up(Sunday), today I popped round to the flat, just to make a list of what needed doing to get it ready to relet as I have people interested already.

Upon entering the flat there was a very strong mildew smell...

(The tenant had informed me on Friday that he had turned off the water, I didn't think about this at the time.)

I turned on the water and after the tanks/loo had filled, the water was still running...I could then see a pool of water below the toilet.

It would appear that the water inlet on the cistern had been leaking.

Now this was noticeable because a pool of water had formed on the lino within 10 minutes, so there is no way that the tenant was unaware of this.

I then ripped up the lino and the whole subfloor is/was green covered in mildew.

I have took pictures, and had a neighbour to come round and witness the mess/smell just as a safeguard.

I have been to see the ex-tenant today and explained my feelings, ie that there was no way he could have missed the fact that the water must have been leaking for months and he has done nothing about it.

The smell is unmissable.

Am I within my right to charge him/deduct the cost of repair from his deposit ?

Whilst I don't believe he has caused the damage willfully, I do believe that he has been negligent in not informing me so that it could be fixed !

Thanks for any comments.

I have pics here...sorry no smellovision !




22/07/2007 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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