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Smoke alarm HMO cat D

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Hi. Upon submitting my application for Additional License under my LA request for a small none mandatory HMO which has me and two lodgers in. I was further asked by LA to provide a smoke alarm test certificate.
I was also told to supply the EICR test at LA request; even though my electrics were all new 4 years ago and I supplied that certificate with the application and fees.
On my gas safe certification the engineer tested the carbon monoxide alarms and smoke detectors that was also submitted to the LA. All this was given to the LA yet they would not accept the gas safe engineer as a competent person therefore requesting me to retest the Smoke alarms. Apart from the inconvenience of this and cost I was forced to do the retests.
When the retest went ahead at a cost of £90 for the smoke alarms and £180 for the electrical 5 year test the man only pushed the button on one smoke alarm and then certified them.
My argument with the LA was that

  1. It was a complete rewire of the house and therefore did not require the 5 year test
  2. The gas safe engineer had certified the Smoke Alarms and carbon monoxide alarms
  3. After agreeing to do the EICR surely that would cover the smoke alarms as they would need to be tested as part of the electrical installation. Yet this too was rejected by the LA

Yet my LA refused these arguments and insisted i did the seprate tests. Which i believe they have no right to do. Can anyone tell me what legal right the LA have to do this? Because my thoughts are that if i do not fall under the mandatory licensing scheme then the 2004 act does not apply to me. Yes i woukd have to abide by LA registration scheme and 2006 HMO ac; but do LA have the right to threaten me with legal action? I really believe this is just bullying on the part of the LA and their complete lack of knowledge with regards to my situation. If central government sees fit that my property "my home" is not mandatory HMO then why should LA be over stepping their authority and use it in this fashion to just get cash out of residents

11/04/2018 13:52

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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