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My neighbour has taken TA tenants and over the last two months, the 'ex' boyfriends keep kicking off the front door of the building with a view to being re-housed quickly.
There has also been an in-house burglary in the flat.
The front of the buildings has been vandalised with Grafitti.

I hate to put a stain on the name of TA tenants, but this hasn't happened in 10 years of having the leasehold on the property.

My Tenants are now threatening to leave because they are concerned.

What can we do to keep tenants and stop the TA tenants from doing criminal damage to the building? Also the Leaseholder is happy to keep paying a portion of the cost to repair the damage and is not taking control of the damage caused by his tenants.

11/04/2018 14:51

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