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I rent out a first floor flat and there has been a slight leak (rather no more than a damp patch) in the untility room which has has been going on some time. The area is about one foot across.
The management company sent a decorator around in January who did a good redecoration job on it but unforturnatly the damp come through again. In the meantime the tenant left and new tenants moved in. I mentioned the problem to them and stated that the management company were aware of it and would be dealing with it. The landlord from upstair investigated and could find no problems up there. So few weeks later the landlord form upstairs, myself, a representative from the management company and their plumber met to inspect the problem in both flats.

The plumber found problems in the upstairs flat, which were cracked tiles and rotted wood boarding in the shower area. He also stated that after the work had been carried out the area in my flat would take two months to dry out before any redecorating etc could be done in the utility room of my flat. The work was carried out within two days.

I relayed all this info to my tenants and suggested that in the meantime they clean the area with neat bleach to kill the fungus spors as well as the smell. This they have refused to do. I should like to mention that the previous tenants had no trouble with this and never complained of smells or inconvenience in any way.

Since then my tenants have taken it upon themselves to contact the management company direct without my knowledge or authority, even though I have specifically requested that they do not to do so. They now say the place in running with insects and the smell is so bad they cannot use the washing machine etc but have to go to her mother's place to do their washing and also that the damp is causing them to have health propblems. Someone from management office has been, took some photos and says that the "insects" are a few small midgies the like of which we have all had during this damp weather and also that though the ceiling area is still damp (obviously all the wet weather has not help the drying process) there are few obvious signs of mould now. Someone is going back tomorrow with with some insect spray.

However, the tenants are threatening to call the Environmental Health Officers now and frankly I am fed up with the whole thing and need some advice mostly on how to stay sane!!!

Should mention that the flat is in very good condition, well decorated/maintained and modern.

Any suggestions please? Marie Lee

24/07/2007 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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