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GDPR and ICO Registration

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Hi Colleagues,

GDPR will soon be upon us from my research to date, looks like all Landlords will need to register with the ICO.

There is an on-line course ( free ) - Thank you RLA
Course info - Checkout the resources - Example Privacy Notice, Sample Audit

We will need a suitable crafted Privacy Notice to cover ourselves
( Currently being worked on by our RLA legal team. )
I hope this will hit the mark and cover our bases.
Inc. I will retain all the following named documents for any legal purposes including but not limited to debt. tracing.

I have asked for ( GDPR for Dummies ) guide to make life a little easier and ensure we are legally compliant, hope we can get further examples to clear this hurdle.

I would like a real / relevant example for small portfolio Landlord, i would hope this would also meet requirements for those larger portfolios.

Q - Example: States when tenancy ends - 1 year later you should not retain passport details, see the course, hence i have asked earlier RLA staff IF i state clearly via Privacy Notice i will retain all tenancy documentation for a period of 6 years can i legally retain the passport details for this period - 6 years ?
If you are tracing a tenant you may need to retain these details ?
As i am not legally qualified ( it shows ) can i retain IF i clearly state why i would wish to retain for 6 years ?

I am now "trying" to map out my data flow - From source to destination "year 6"

We understand our business, we know what details we require, we will comply but on occassion need a helping hand to ensure all is in order.

How long can i retain certain sensitive documents .... Legally 1 year , 6 years ?

Passport, NI numbers, Address, email, mobile, Car reg, employer,
Reference info via RLA referencing ( are you compliant with the GDPR Policy ? )
Council tax, Utilities, Phone, cable, B/Band, etc.

There is much to consider, it's probably not too far from what you are doing now just wish to ensure all is in order for the approaching GDPR.

I wouldn't mind new Tenants asking me to inform Council tax, water, electric .... They are told you must contact them yourselves, but i do via websites when possible enter new tenants details.
I think its good practice but the time & effort and no fees helps to maintain cashflow or thats the theory !

Rules, regs, documentation ... How to successfully manage GDPR requirements by - May 25th

Good Luck ! You are all Data controllers !

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11/04/2018 20:45

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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