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Hi Colleagues,
I know I need to be careful but I think if all goes to plan I should be fine, famous last words. Existing AST now periodic.

Existing tenant in place since Jan 2011, note last Tenancy AST ( 12 months )
started 28 Jan 2016 for my own sanity for Right to Rent checks came in after so as this is now on a periodic tenancy am I correct the Right to Rent checks do not apply ?

Just before deadline - 1st Feb. 2016 when Right to Rent Checks became mandatory ?

I need the change of address - S48 , no need to do anything else.

Hence - No need to do right to rent checks ?

Anything else i may have overlooked ? Much appreciated.

Looks straight forward .... of course, I will probably let things settle down then start a fresh 6 months RLA AST later, that's the plan.

Can i legally create Addendum to be linked to existing periodic AST, to add a few additional clauses for added protection OR is this not allowed ?
You can only update any Addendum when you issue a new AST ?


12/04/2018 19:54

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