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Read your message & reply...not sure if your are thinking of leaving the PRS for the Commercial sector?

Each line of work has it's own challenges which help keep a player up on the tootsies.
Name a trade that hasn't been affected by miles of legislation in past times. Standardisation in all things is here to stay said one Walloon to another Walloon.
Change happens. Luckily for us landlords we have this fantastic bank of resources to help LL keep up with new legislation.
Ok. You sell up & get money that stops working for you. Youngest son recently deposited £20k in NatWest in Dec 2017. Earned him the princely sum of £16.80 up to April. Eldest son gets 9-12 per cent return pa from each of his rentals. Youngest son is now re-thinking HIS Pension Plan.
Have friends who've worked for ToysRus,Mothercare, Maplins, M&S for 20-30 years who are facing a very uncertain future [Pension plan wise] because they trusted the PR blurb from each company. I trust in ME where pension pots are concerned. Going forward, money in B/mortar is as safe as houses. Provision of houses v need for contest.
Commercial enterprises are facing ruination as the daily news fortells. M&S in decline who'd have predicted that. On-line shopping taking over...why are the distribution centres going bust then?
Unless folk start living in caves, or holes in the ground...houses will be needed to house people. The trials & tribulations in doing that is part of that business.

15/04/2018 13:57

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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