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I brought a house (two and 1/2 bed) nearly four years ago, with tenants already in place, Mum Dad and two children (2 & 4). Did all the paperwork as new AST on purchase, in which it was agreed they would do their own maintenance so they could keep the rent the same which was much lower than rent being paid at that time. It was also understood they were moving into his parents home within two years. (The parents did not know this was what he planned to do !!!) I was aware of a damp patch of 6 sq foot appox on dining room wall, which dries out each summer, but it did not worry the Tenant. Time passed wife left. Re issued AST to Dad plus the two kids.
I have done some major maintenance to bring the property from E to D, which included new windows & Doors, new boiler, and envirovent system. We also offered to put rad in the smallest bed room and a cupboard in the lounge round the gas metre to tidy up and stop draught they said they could feel, which was refused.
Since he has moved in a young lady, and now a baby which he is the father.
Paying the rent has been slow, never being more than a month overdue, he always had an excuse and it was always someone elses fault.
When I put my foot down this month about his rent being paid on time, and saying all his excuses were not relevant he got snotty and said he was going to the council and get me into real problems as the house was not fit for habitation.
I thought about the situation and realised that I had not been round for over a year as my manager had done the inspections.
I went round on Thursday by appointment, took with me my guy who does all of my property maintenance that I do not do in house, and he brought an independent builder and damp expert to do a report on what needs to be done and whether it can be done whilst |Tenants are living there. Whilst there I spoke to him about the fact the main door was semi blocked with a sofa, so if there was a fire they could not get out, he had removed the batteries from the smoke alarm among other issues re the way he was treating the property, which he basically told me he will do what he likes. The Tenant took this man around showing him all the problems he has got with the property, the first thing the builder said was nothing could be done until there was a lot of the contents removed. We left them alone so the builder could make notes and do readings with his metres. When he joined us he told us he had not been able to do most of his readings but would do the report, as the tenant kept on about what a bad landlord I Was.
I have not received the report as yet but I have a good idea what it is going to say, there is only one patch of damp which is aggravated by the tenant, the plaster on the walls has failed due to age and the rendering has blown.
As he is so unhappy with the property and seems to think he can do what he wants no matter what I say I want him gone.
Which section 21 do I serve, all other paperwork has been issued and signed for.

21/04/2018 16:58

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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