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I'm asking this here so that all members can see the answer.

I use Openrent to advertise my properties and they send me emails/texts from prospective tenants including name, phone, email and information such as whether they smoke, have pets etc. Presumably this procedure be not be GDPR compliant in the future unless Openrent has already established that I am a GDPR compliant customer and have asked me for my Privacy Statement in order to display it for the benefit of prospective tenants prior to passing me their information?

Luckily I don't place tenant adverts in newsagent shop windows, but presumably if I did, I would have to include something to the effect that anyone responding should ask for a copy of my Privacy Statement before giving me any information. Of course they would have to give me a name and email address to send it to them so its a bit chicken and egg. Unless the RLA would like to host all our Privacy Statements on its website and we could then ask prospective tenants to download them before calling us. Or is this taking it too far?

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24/04/2018 17:16

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