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I would like to seek the help and opinion of the RLA member regarding condensation.
I have a dispute with the other landlord below my flat. I had a burst pipe and leaking overflow toilet. The overflow toilet leaking was dropping on the ground below 40 cm. away from the wall. The other problem was a burst pipe in the alley way by the wall during freezing winter. That I still have to find out how long the burst pipe was repaired.

The landlord and I inspected his flat and I saw black spots in the corner of the wall
and so behind the bed headboard. The patterned of this black spots can be seen in
the corner wall of the bathroom, and it continued at the front of the house and in the
toilet. The worst affected are in the bedroom and in the bathroom.
I know that a water damage are apparent when the paint of the wall bubbling and plaster become powdery.
Now he is suing me for damages. Any advice is very much appreciated.

27/04/2018 11:15

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