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Tony D
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I have a query re a new boiler I had fitted in a property in December. The plumber is a guy I have used for years including in my own home with no problem. I trust him, like him and would like to use him again the future.

The boiler is a mid range brand and should have a 7 year warranty. The fitting appears fine and the boiler is working well.

However, since fitting the plumber has gone AWOL. He has not invoiced me and I have not received any certificate from GasSafe to indicate the boiler has been properly registered. I have contacted him several times to chase it with no reply. It is so unusual, especially as he hasn't been paid, that I wonder if he is ill or something.

- Is there a way for me to check whether the boiler has been registered with GasSafe?
- Legally, who is responsible if the boiler hasn't been registered, me or the plumber?
- If it hasn't been registered, what can I do next?
- If there is a problem, will the plumber's GasSafe membership be at risk?

Also, for tax purposes I usually register expenses when they occur
- If he invoices me now, does it count as 2017-18 expenditure as the work was done last tax year, or as 2018-19?

Many thanks for any advice!

29/04/2018 20:29

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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