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Query on submission of Form N5B

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Having never submitted the above I'm looking for tips/advice from experienced colleagues as I'm a virgin soldier in this field of battle. Backstory is fixed period AST from 2015, fine for 16 months, then rent began to stutter, slow then stop. Issued S21, rent re-started on an instalment plan. First plan took 11 months to clear arrears of rent & get back on track. Allowed AST to roll-over as thought we were [ with new jobs] over the hiccup. How wrong can one be, next 3 months no rent. Issued 2nd S21 & tnts finally applied for help from HB. I insisted rent was paid to me & a new instalment plan was begun. After 4 months HB stopped as tnts under investigation leading to 'over payments' too large to ignore. Tnts then barred from applying for HB. Then the S21 expiry date arrived & on that day the tnts came up with a last-ditch instalment plan. Eye-watering begging ...on my mothers life, we'll pay rent & £80 per month off the arrears of £3k.
Whaddya know- rent stopped they explained they simply can't pay. This tiresome saga won't change. They pay what they want, when they want so I'm following through on the latest S21 which lasts until June.

Ok that's the story so far. I read the N5B, it looks straightforward to complete in Yes/No format, then some tick boxes at the end for what evidence I submit. No free text boxes for me. However the tnts get lots of opportunities to discredit my submission in their defence to my N5B in a series of free-text boxes where they can easily lie because they are NOT asked for any evidence to support of their claims. Well, they will lie about being served with the usual documents won't they.

So some questions are;
1] if they lie about receiving the required I get another chance to show the emails proving that they were served?
2] should I complete the Certificate of Service form for the service of the S21 [ I have photographic evidence to send of my posting thru letterbox & supportive email that i'd done so]?
3] is it worth claiming for court costs [ £355] as they will plead hardship anyway?
4] Would claiming this cost delay the process?
5] Any practical tips for completing the N5B form for a nervous first-timer?

This is one I need my hand held on colleagues!
Many thanks to those who pass on advice/guidance.

01/05/2018 23:31

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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