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I know it's a bit like asking, how long is a piece of string.

Just wondering what expected average times on buying a property should be.

Lets say for example: I'm a cash buyer of a house that is currently being sold by another landlord and the property is currently vacant, there are no mortgages involved.

Looking back on similar purchases it seems to take an average of 3 months. Does this seem to be the norm? How can I expidite it?

I seem to think that we once got a purchase through in just over 2 weeks as there was a deadline set by the seller.

Also looking at some info on buying at auction, a 2 - 4 week deadline is often set? Never been involved in this, so it's only something I have read.

I seem to be hounding my solicitor they don't seem to talk to the sellers solicitor unless prompted to do so. I quite often have to get the estate agent involved as sellers solicitors willl not discuss anything with me. Is this normal practice, or do I need a new solicitor?

Could anyone reccomend a good conveyoncer in Yorkshire that can push things through quickly.

Getting really frustrated, as I need to urgently relocate a current good tenant asap

I've tried looking up info on this on a Google search, but I think that this is probably the best place to ask the question as almost everyone is a landlord that has a lot of experience with the same problem. Any advice considered and welcomed.


02/05/2018 06:36

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