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Ex-Lodger vandalises property

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Hi all
I am a live in landlord and had a lodger for two months under the "Resident Landlord Excluded Tenancy Agreement". He was given notice after 4 weeks because I was aware that he was causing deliberate malicious vandalism to my home. It turns out that he had caused extensive damage to all areas of my house, internally and externally, fixtures and fittings, appliances, furniture and personal property. He had even trespassed into areas of the house where he had no business to be in, i.e. my bedroom and caused vandalism there also. Some of his evil acts of vandalism have been witnessed but not all. He seemed to have a weird obsession to destroy anything and everything that belonged to me. He even had the front to ask for the return of his deposit which is nowhere near the damages that he has caused. He has also taken out civil proceedings to recover this so we will be going to court.

My concern is that he will deny doing anything and it will be a matter of his word against mine so I would really like to hear from anybody who has been in a similar situation or know of anyone who has and would welcome any advice or tips on how I should go about defending this claim. What was the outcome in the end for you?

Any responses would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

02/05/2018 15:32

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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